UberPop Suspends Services in France…For Now

Uber is soon going to suspend its UberPop service in France. While the California based company had been adamant that they would continue, despite demands from President Francois Hollande’s gobernment to stop their service, they have finally given in. Their services were deemed illegal since they use an app to connect clients to private car-owners. These drivers charge for rides but don’t have special training or a special license.

As Uber explained, “Security is our priority. Today is a dark day for the 500,000 regular users of UberPop in France.”

They may not stay off the streets for good, however, They have agreed to suspend their services until France’s Constitutional Court ruled on the UberPop service in a decision expected by the end of September.

Other Uber services will continue as usual.

Read the full news report and the chaos that UberPop, and France’s taxi drivers, have been creating on the streets.

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