Georgios A. Provopoulos

Georgios A. ProvopoulosGeorgios A. Provopoulos was born in Pireaus on April 20th, 1950. When he was 23 he earned a Bachelor’s degree in the Arts of Economics from the University of Athens. A year later he became a Master of Arts in Economics at Essex University, UK. In 1977 he became a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, also at Essex University.

From March 1979 thru September 2007, Dr. Provopoulos worked as an associate professor at the University of Athens. During that time he also was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Planning and Economic Research. He also became the Chairman of the Council of Economic Experts of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. In October of 1990 he became the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece, and served there until 1993. Then he became the General Manager of the Foundation of Economic and Industrial Research, and later, the Economic Advisor fot Alpha Bank. In 2004 he was elected Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive officer at Emporiki Bank, and in 2006, Vice Chairman and Managing Director at Piraeus Bank. He was later elected Chairman of the Board of Piraeus Bank’s subsidiaries in Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Egypt. Dr. Provopoulos has filled the role of Governor at the Bank of Greece since June of 2008.

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