Officially the Kingdom of Spain, Spain is located in the Iberian Peninsula in the southwestern part of Europe. Spain is part of the European Union, bordered on the north with France, theBay of Biscay and Andorra; the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea and the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar; the northwest by the Atlantic Ocean and the west with Portugal. Spain’s location has determined its history since ancient times. In the 15th century Spain became a unified country under the rule of the newly married Catholic King and Queen and the Reconquista of Spain from the Muslims in 1492.

Today Spain is a democracy with a parliamentary form of government, a constitution as well as a monarch. Spain boasts the 12th largest economy in the world and the second most spoken first language. Spain is a member of NATO, OECD, WTO and the United Nations.

Finance Information

Banco de España (Bank of Spain)

Bank of Spain Governor:  Miguel Fernández Ordóñez

Investment Banks

Major Companies

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