Malopolska Wins Prestigious Title as 2016 European Entrepreneurial Region

Malopolska in Poland has won the prestigious title of 2016 European Entrepreneurial Region and is the first area in Poland to receive this title. Malopolska has been developing small and medium sized companies and business incubator programs. More than 60 companies have been started by young entrepreneurs in the Krakow Technology Park.

Malopolska has become one of the leading regions in Poland in terms of their economic growth. Their GDP grew by 30% between 2008 and 2014. Richard Lucas, the curator of TEDxKazimierz said, “A common theme in all our events is taking action. Someone who wants to start a business, they may have a great idea, but the message they’ll get here is to make their idea come into reality, they have to actually get out there and do it.”

Jacek Krupa of the Malopolska region said, “Our goal for the coming years is to stimulate innovation among entrepreneurs, especially small and medium-sized companies, because they are the ones generating the largest part of the Gross Domestic Product in the region. We have a widespread program of stimulating start-ups and Malopolska has become a well-known center in Europe for many events. Young entrepreneurs from around the world are coming here to discuss, to network, to create good initiatives.”

Learn more about these initiatives.

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