Britain and Italy Speak about EU Reforms

Both Britain and Italy recently said, on Tuesday, that they agree that there needs to be a reform in the EU to protect the rights of the bloc’s non-euro zone members. They also want to promote business and tackle migration crisis issues. Before the referendum that is due by the end of 2017, Britain is renegotiating some of the terms of its current EU membership.

In a notice in The Daily Telegraph newspaper, the British and Italian foreign ministers, Philip Hammond and Paolo Gentiloni respectively, said, “Italy and the UK agree on the need for a deep reform of the EU, simplifying its functioning, it procedures and its rules.”

They continued, “We can work together on an EU reform package that deals with specific issues such as the role of national parliaments, competitiveness, economic governance and welfare, in order to make the EU simpler, more efficient and less bureaucratic.”

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