Growing Trade Outside the EU Block after Brexit

The Food and Drink Federation recently showed a surprising trend in trade. There was a quarterly surge in trade outside of the EU, and it was more than double the 9.6% increase in food and drink exports to markets inside the EU. Exports included British chocolates, salmon, cheeses and wheat with America leading the way as the biggest non-EU market for such items.

Exports to China have also surged. As the director-general of the FDF said, “It is very pleasing to see non-EU exports performing beyond expectations, with UK firms taking advantage of increased competitiveness following the currency changes since the summer.”

The EU actually accounts for about 71.5% of food exports. Ireland leads the way, followed by France, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. The Government hopes to increase food exports to £6billion by 2020.

Best MBA Programs for Entrepreneurs

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, you just might want to move to Spain to complete your MBA. Analysis of full-time and executive MBA alumni who graduated in 2013 from ranked schools shows that Spanish MBA programs are some of the best for entrepreneurs. In June, FT published a list of the top full-time MBA programs for entrepreneurs with different results. This list was dominated by American schools and held the top seven spots. However, when looking at the actual graduates and viewing who set up their own companies after graduating, Spain wins. Switzerland came in second and the US schools came in third.

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Karen Ward Becomes Advisor to Philip Hammond

In recent news, the British finance minister Philip Hammond has appointed HSBC,’s Karen Ward to advice him as the country breaks away from the EU. Ward joined HSBC as an economist in 2006 and eventually became the bank’s chief European economist last year. Hammond has previously said that he’s worried that the EU has a lot to lose with the Brexit retreat.

In a report that Ward wrote with HSBC’s chief UK economist Simon Wells, it said,

“This will further blur the distinction between central banks and governments. So far as they ever could, central banks can no longer ignore the wishes of their political masters.”

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Eastern European News

Women Filling Freelance Jobs Across the EU

According to new research from IPSE, a body that represents self-employed people, women are taking over the freelance jobs across the EU. Today, there are 9.6 million independent professionals who work in the EU. This is 1.9 million more than in 2008 and out of this, freelancers account for almost 30% of all self-employed people. They make up a total of 4% of the EU workforce.

As Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, the founder of the copywriting business Making Your Content and IPSE Freelancer of the Year for 2015 said, “As home working becomes increasingly viable and the digital world makes starting a business ever easier, it’s no wonder more women are choosing to become freelancers.”

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

In the discussion about whether or not Britain should stay in the EU, the Confederation of British Industry has joined with the 21 counterparts that are urging Britain to remain in the bloc. This means that there are as many as 2.5 million businesses behind the campaign urging them to stay.

As business chiefs from many countries wrote in an open letter, “European business strongly supports continued British membership of a European Union that takes the necessary reforms to be competitive, outward-looking and continue delivering growth, jobs, peace, security and prosperity for all.” This included opinions from business executives in Ireland, Poland, Finland, Malta and more.

As CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn said, “There is a compelling shared benefit for firms to trade with no barriers inside a market of 500 million people and those crucial economic ties which connect us, creating jobs and investment, cannot be taken for granted. Most CBI members — though not all — want to stay in a reformed EU and we will consult them once again when a final deal is agreed.”