Own Harry Potter’s Home

If you’re a Harry Potter enthusiast, forget the exciting premiere of the latest movie. We’ve got something much more exciting here. How would you like to be the owner of J.K. Rowling’s childhood home, complete with her name inscribed on her bedroom window?

House on Sale

That dream will actually be a reality soon for one lucky person, as her childhood home has gone on the market for almost £400,000.

From the time that she was nine until she turned 18, Rowling lived in the Grade II-listed Church Cottage in Tutshill,Gloucestershire with her mom, Anne, her father, Peter and her sister, Diane.

Inspiration for the Harry Potter Series

And not only was this Rowling’s childhood home, but it is thought to have offered her much of the inspiration for her incredibly profitable Harry Potter series. The home has a cupboard under the stairs, much like the one where Harry is forced to live. It also has a trapdoor that leads to a spooky cellar. The gothic architecture mirrors that at Hogwarts.

The current owner is Julian Mercer, a BBC producer who bought the home from the Rowling family in 1995. Mr. Mercer said, about the home that,

“It is a truly lovely cottage. It is quite small but has wonderful architecture and a gorgeous garden surrounding it. JK Rowling would have been here in her formative years and could have taken inspiration from the cottage.”

The village where the home is located has even played center stage in Rowling’s Harry Potter series, as a top team in Quidditch in the books is the Tutshill Tornadoes after the village name Tutshill.

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