Monaco Royals Suing French Magazine

In recent news, those royals in Monaco aren’t happy with what the press has been saying about them. What a shame. Monaco newlyweds Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are actually taking the effort to sue the French magazine L’Express for publishing certain things leading up to the July wedding.

Crazy Trip to the Alter

On June 28th, the news magazine wrote on its website that Charlene tried to feel back to South Africa days before the royal wedding. The magazine said that she wanted to leave after finding out that Prince Albert had, yet another, illegitimate child. The magazine also said that Charlene was stopped from leaving the Nice airport after the palace was tipped off by police.

Invasion of Private Life

Michel Roger, Monaco’s head of government, explained that the royal couple is suing the magazine for “invasion of private life and printing fallacious information on its website following unfounded allegations.”

L’Express Responds

In response to the allegations against them, L’Express told CNN that they couldn’t comment since they hadn’t receive an official complaint. In an article on July 22, however, the magazine did say that it stood by its original reporting and that it had come from sources close to the wedding.

French privacy laws happen to be very strict, and celebrities have often won damages when they have filed lawsuits against tabloid and gossip magazines. The question, of course, is exactly what do this royal couple, dripping in money, plan to do with their lawsuit winnings? Perhaps they’ll pay for another paternity test, should it be needed next time.

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