Italian And Israeli Government Agencies And Businesses Developing Joint Enterprises.

Gaia Molco is the secretary general of the Tel Aviv-based Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI). This is a private, non-profit member of a network of 70 Italian chambers of commerce. Mrs. Molco said that “More and more, we see how scientific and technological cooperation between Israel and Italy is growing,”

Earlier this month, the Israeli Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Shalom Simhon and the Italian minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Mr. Giancarlo Galan, entered into a scientific cooperation agreement between Israel and Italy. Joint research projects include the adaptation of agriculture to climate change; sustainable agriculture and natural resource management (water, soil); food quality; genomic technologies applied to horticultural and fruit farming; and precision farming. The agreement requires an annual call for mutual joint research projects from the two ministries.

Banking and corporate officials from Italy’s Lombardy region, where Milan is located, discussed business opportunities in renewable energy with Israeli counterparts. The meeting included Luigi Mattiolo, the Italian ambassador to Israel.

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