Greek PM George Papandreou Wins Vote of Confidence

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou recently won a vital vote of confidence after pledging to hold power-sharing talks.

Papandreou shocked EU leaders and jolted markets by calling for a referendum on an EU deal last week, and has since faced numerous accusations and an impromptu vote. In an address to parliament he ruled out snap elections, claiming they would be “catastrophic,” and proposed that a new coalition take charge until it is agreed. He added that the current bail-out deal offered by the EU had to be accepted, and that it would be “historically irresponsible” to lose it.

“I have been in contact with the president and I will visit him tomorrow to inform him of my intentions and that I am moving forward with all the parties for a broader coalition government, and to agree on common goals, a timeframe and people, to agree on its composition and even the head of this coalition. I therefore ask for a vote of confidence in order to ensure the security of this nation,” he said.

Still, the political situation in Greece is on the verge of erupting. The main opposition leader, Antonis Samaras of the New Democracy party, has rejected the PM’s suggestion of a coalition government and continues to demand immediate elections.

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