European Referendum Results Relieve Europe

Europe’s recent referendum result has been met with general approval; with German chancellor Angela Merkel saying it proves “good news for Ireland and for Europe.”

She explained that it boosts the process of establishing a permanent stability union in Europe, though the long-term outcome will not be apparent overnight.

The Irish votes revealed their willingness to continue with the consolidation and reform program.

“Considering the cuts and hardships this means for people, this earns particular acknowledgement and respect,” Merkel said.

Wolfgang Schauble, German finance minister, adding to Merkel’s support. He said the result is a step towards “sustainability and stability in the euro zone.”

“Ireland is implementing its aid program decisively and successfully and is proof that the European strategy to tackle the crisis is correct and effective.”

Gunther Krichbaum, Europe spokesman for the Christian Democratic Union, also demonstrated a positive outlook on the results. He praised the Irish for “wisely weighing up the issues,” continuing “this result is a signal that builds trust towards Ireland’s European partners and is a good sign of stability towards financial markets.” He added that “Ireland was faster than Germany in this respect.”

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