Asian Businesses Eye Investment Opportunities in Europe

A recent survey has revealed that unlike North American investors, Asian businesses see strong investment potential in European corporations as the Eurozone debt crisis exposes unique opportunities.

In fact, 45% of Asian business executives revealed plans to invest in 2012, while three quarters agreed there is potential. U.S. and Canadian leaders, on the other hand, are hesitant, while only 7% said they had plans to try this year.

“Our research highlights that Asian businesses have the right business fundamentals and, more important, the right mentality to take advantage of the changing landscape,” explained FTI Consulting’s Mark Malloch Brown.

The investment revelation is not new; volume and quality of trade and investments between China and dozens of EU companies has increased significantly over the past few years. This is likely a result of struggling competitors and cheap European goods. Though governments and banks have the power to offer opportunities, they have been laying low lately.

“Many banks have postponed action in the hope that an economic upturn would make it easier to sell assets,” said the report. “But their previous hesitation may now force banks to offload these assets into a buyer’s market.”

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