Zarsha Leo Comes to Luxembourg

If you happen to be traveling through Europe and have a chance to stop off in Luxembourg, you’ll be happy to put your feet up at the new Zarsha Leo restaurant-bar. Part of a franchise based in NYC, Zarsha Leo is taking Europe by storm. As the CEO Evan Burschkopf explains, “The American love for sports and for enjoying sports in a common setting can be translated to the European mindset as well. We are building this bar with the understanding that Europeans love soccer and other sports and that we will bring these opportunities to them.”
They advertise that they will show absolutely every soccer game available today from their 12 massive flat screen television sets. They plan to be open late into the evening each night and to offer food that natives in Luxembourg and surrounding areas will enjoy. Time will tell if they’ll hit the mark, but it’s certainly a fun place to try out on a cold winter afternoon!

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