Teslin’s Core strategy to Deliver Strong Outperformance

Return and risk go hand in hand of course in a straight line.  Smallcap shares generally have high yields but sometimes also higher risks. Fund Manager Frederik van Beuningen Museum in Teslin proves that a sound strategy is the high returns can be achieved without high risk .

What in the vessel is not sour
The above statement is typical of the Teslin funds . As long as companies achieve successful results , they remain just sit in the portfolio . This is supported by dividend payments of companies , creating over time an increasingly interest – rate – on effect. So is Sligro ever since the establishment of the fund in the portfolio and Darlin while doing well Sligro, the share will still remain in a while . Other companies where managers are positive about Teslin (and portfolio ) include Accell, Macintosh and TKH Group .

Core Business must be clear

Van Beuningen gave only invest in companies whose business models to penetrate . Banks and biotech companies are therefore all directly avoided because these are ” black box investments , “the fund manager. ” It should be clear to us how money is made , otherwise we do not invest ” says van Beuningen . Businesses should just focus on the things that they are good at – and preferably in excel – and preferably not non -core business activities .

The argument that the spread of activity decreases the risk , by Van Beuningen thrown off the table. ” Companies should simply do what they do best and investors (investors ) will have their own risk spread , which is not a task for companies ‘Said the manager .

Value- investment strategy pays off , AEX is more reports
The performance of the Teslin funds ( Darlin , midline and Todlin ) are very strong. When we look at the performance of Darlin , in the Dutch small cap investing , we see three times better performance than the AEX had ( over the period 1992 to the present, for both without the dividend paid ).

In addition, there are mainly invested in smaller companies because they are more open to involvement by major shareholders than the large caps that are crowded with commissioners . “The advantage of investing in smaller stocks is that a good relationship with management is possible “, says Van Beuningen . Three times a year, the fund managers Teslin contact with the management of the enterprises they invest. The dialogue with management regularly takes place in consultation with its fellow shareholders holding a substantial interest ( such as the Delta Participation Fund) .

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