Riester and Rürup promotion reaches its target

If one wanted to describe the prototype, that refers to the Riester promotion , he would look at the groups that have a superior distribution (as an analysis of the Mannheim Research Institute Economics of Aging, shows), based on a representative survey on savings behavior. Accordingly, last year 37 percent of 18 – to 35- year-old completed a Riester pension. Among respondents over 55 years , however , the rate was only 14 percent.

Similarly, the promotion is targeted at families with at least three children: where the rate is now at 57 percent. In households without children, the rate is only 26 percent. Here it is noticeable that in order to receive a  state allowance of 154 euros a year for each additional child is 185 € , 300 € , and even if, after the first was born in January 2008. The following goal is a bit more difficult : promoting lower income groups. Among the better-off more than 40 percent will be achieved in the lowest fifth of income , only 17 per cent, although the allowance in comparison to their own contribution more significant falls.

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