Potential EU Job Cuts

If you work for the EU – it might be time to get your resume ready.  That’s because the EU Commission is now proposing cutting 5% of its jobs to keep in line with the austerity measures member states have instituted.  The EU plans to propose the cut at the end of this month as part of its 7-year EU budget.

Zero Growth

An EU official told the EUobserver that, “The commission is aiming for zero growth in the administrative budget. With ongoing pay rises related to promotions, this means a reduction in the head count. If the commission proposed lower wages and perks, they would face a strike by the trade unions.  He went on to say that, “They are talking about five percent across the board. But you can imagine that member states will ask for 10 percent or more.”

EU Plan

Time will tell if the EU will follow through on this plan, and what the backlash will be if they don’t do so.  Certainly, many are assuming that the cuts would come from those who are close to retirement age and from those who are on long term or health related leave.

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