Poland – the Hottest New Investment Location

Recently, Poland has become the hottest new place to invest. According to a study by market researcher Markit, done for consultancy KPMG, Poland has investments that are booming at a rate higher than in most other European Union countries.

Polish Expansion

The report shows that Polish businesses’ are investing in expansion at the highest level that they have in three years. As Leszek Wronski, a partner at KPMG explained to the Warsaw Business Journal, “Poland’s result stems from the improvement in the Polish production sector and the stabilization of our major trade partners, chiefly Germany. The businesses gain confidence, expect an increase in demand and are not afraid to invest.”

Great Investment Index

This latest survey that evaluated 11 EU countries showed that only Holland had a higher investment index than did Poland. As Wronski explained, “Contrary to other countries, Poland went through the economic crisis smoothly, which is why it is coming out of it better.”

The investment indicator for Poland is at 27.1 points, as compared to 18.1 points for the average EU score and -13.6 for Greece.

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