New Middle School Is Hopeful to Train Next Generation of Bavarian Workers

Franz PrebeckLower Bavaria has committed themselves to a new middle school. The President of the Chamber of Crafts (HWK) Niederbayern-Oberpfalz, Franz Prebeck, and the chief executive of Industry and Commerce (IHK),of Lower Bavaria, Walter Keil, under the auspices of the CSU member of parliament Walter Taubeneder created an image brochure, which the Lower Bavarian secondary schools can use to advertise in. HWK and IHK will finance the majority of the costs of the brochures. The booklet is designed so each school can customize its own presentation in the booklet and local businesses can partner with the school and publicize themselves while paying the remaining costs.

Prebeck praised the school but said that “We need engineers, scientists and inventors. However, in Bavaria as a production-heavy area, we especially need skilled workers. The quality label ‘Made in Germany’ was also created by our good skilled workers.”

The target group of the brochure is the parents who are uncertain about their children’s future in school. The significant economic value of the school would be stressed in relation to other schools. In Lower Bavaria, more than half of secondary schools have been transformed into middle schools.

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