New Job Opportunities in Ireland

A new start-up in Ireland is promising to open much needed jobs. Metabolomics Diagnostics Ltd. plans to create the world’s first predictive diagnostic blood test for pre-eclampsia to the market. With it, 40 new jobs should be created. Metabolomics Diagnostics founder, Professor Louise Kenny, was awarded the Enterprise Ireland Life Sciences & Food Commercialization Award for the blood test he developed. Prof. Kenny has partnered with Charles Garvey to bring the test to market. Mr. Garvey said, “Louise’s technology represents a game- changing opportunity for perinatal care. I am looking forward to working with her to bring the test to the market to allow its full potential to be realised.”

In addition, Ernst & Young will be hiring 80 people across Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Belfast. They have announced that they will also be opening more than 160 graduate positions for 2014, which is up 40% since 2011.

Another location opening up jobs is Cairnhill Bray, a McMahon Healthcare that is set to have 120 more employees at their new nursing home. Brian McMahon, the director of McMahon Heathcare, said of the new home: “We are very excited about our new facility in Bray and are keen make sure that the local economy really benefits from the large number of positions that we will be interviewing for over the coming weeks.”

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