Germany Investing in Egypt’s Future

In recent news, the German Ambassador to Egypt, Michael Bock, has made it clear that Germany will soon be investing more in Egypt. Bock said that Egypt is on its way towards more stability and growth after the recent growing pains it has experienced, and he said that the growth rates in the market should exceed the previous rates soon.

He explained that there should soon be a new German investment in Egypt worth 20 million euro that will be poured into the retail wholesale sectors.

Promising Changes in Egypt

As Ambassador Bock said in a statement this past week, “Egypt is carrying promising investment opportunities in all economic areas, which soon will be reflected on the volume of German direct investment in the Egyptian market.” Bock explained that Egypt should soon expect the Chairman of the Federation of German Industries to visit for the opening of the new projects.

Egyptian Economic Upswing

In similarly encouraging news for the Egyptian economy, Ashok Aram, the Executive Director of the Deutsche Bank for the Middle East and North Africa said that, “The achievements of the Egyptian Stock Exchange during the past few days, [shows] a sign of optimism about the future of the Egyptian stock exchange.

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