French Rail Industry Portal

France is trying to promote its railways, and it’s doing so with a new English-language web portal. The portal, which launched on March 21, 2014 has two main objectives. It will help to raise awareness among those in the industry worldwide about France’s great railway system. It will also promote news that focuses on France. This includes highlighting the most important events of the year, highlighting achievements of French-based companies outside France and giving information about international trade shows where France has a significant presence.

In addition, the website plans to create connections between international buyers and French suppliers. As the EU Business website for information said, “The web portal will showcase French players in the railway sector, making it easy for potential customers based outside France to browse the profiles of any French company they choose and contact them directly through a messaging interface integrated into the website.”

France is ranked third worldwide in the railway sector and is ranked second, only to Germany, within Europe.

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