European finance – Investments help troubleshoot your debt problems

Investment is one of the most popular debt solutions option.  There are various investment vehicles in which you can invest your money and earn good profit. However, investments vary according to the place because of the diversifications. As per recent reports (of 2010), almost 60% investors in the global level have said that Europe is the best place for investment. However, the other 40% believe Asia to a better investment place. This is rather a debatable topic as it depends on the mentality and personality of the investors too.

Popular European investments

Asia and Europe are said to have recovered more quickly in comparison to US, from the after effects of recession. Thus these two are now regarded to be the best places for investments. Europe is quite popular among the investors. The countries where investment options are good are UK, Germany, and France. Some of the most popular investment options in Europe are the stocks, Socially Responsible Investments or SRI, Forex, bonds and equities an real estate.

According to market watchers UK has helped a lot in the recovery of real estate prices and thus the real estate investment issues. This is attracting investors a lot; even the foreign investors are finding it profitable to invest in European real estate.

The popularity of investing with the green and social funds has increased in Europe. There was an increase in the number of SRI retail funds and there was also a rise in the percentage of assets under management. It rose by 41% in 12 months starting from June 2009 to June 2010. Many investors in Italy converted their existing funds to SRI retail funds and assets under management. France, Germany, Switzerland too have shown growth in the number of assets under management. As per reports SRI investments have almost doubled since the financial crisis of 2007.

Especially in Germany, investment in the stock market is in great demand. In addition, the German housing companies are in demand too. The savings ratio in Germany is 12% and thus there is scope for making money there. Moreover, the value of Euro has risen too. So, investing in the Forex market in Germany too can be considered to be a profitable option.

Investing in stock too is a great investment option in Europe and especially in Sweden. For example, one of the greatest cosmetic brands, Oriflame in Sweden may offer good investment opportunities. They are going to restructure their money in the next few months. Moreover, investing in stock is not that expensive an option.

However, if you really want to use investments as debt solutions, if you want to get good return on your investments, you should be aware of the changes in the market, otherwise you may lose money though stock and Forex investments.

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