Educational Achievements of Investment Firms’ Staff

Goldman Sachs in Brief

Goldman Sachs is a securities and investment banking firm with the highest reputation. It has been in existence since 1869 and was joined in 1993 by James Donovan. Goldman Sachs mainly works with institutional clients, governments, corporations and exceedingly successful individuals.

Getting a Good Education

One method of at least beginning your success on the corporate ladder is by getting a good education. When you have business-based degrees, as well as an expertise in a specialist subject, then you could be well on your way to doing well. Study subjects like Business, Chemical Engineering and Law and a firm might find your resume extremely attractive. It also shows you are not just stuck in one area and are able to be flexible when it comes to other areas of expertise. In addition, whilst at university, if you engage in extracurricular activities, this would indicate to a firm your level of flexibility which is also what large, successful, corporate companies are looking for since they need their employees to be able to go with the flow in a constantly changing environment. Certainly, this type of expertise allows executives like James Donovan Goldman Sachs, John H. Bryan, Claes Dahlback and many others to rise to the top.

Philanthropic Efforts

Investment firms look for many different aspects of a potential employee. Even if you do not have specific experience in the field, if you are educated in a variety of business or related fields, that is a good start. But how do you make the break? How do you become a cut above the rest and really separate yourself from others going for the same job? By engaging in philanthropic and charitable endeavors, a more impressive resume will be delivered to a potential corporate boss. Sitting on boards, volunteering, establishing scholarship funds – all of these endeavors could just be the head-start you need to land yourself a dream job.

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