Danish Prime Minister Calls for More Green Energy Investments, Not Less

Experts in wind-power as well as politicians throughout Europe aim to boost green energy by encouraging clearer regulations and increased investment despite the region’s continuous struggle with the debt crisis.

Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt opened this year’s European Wind Energy Association event, explaining that wind power should be a primary focus as a source for European growth. He called on political leaders to remain focused on green energy and its crucial role in global development.

“In times of crisis, political priorities tend to shift,” he said. “There is a danger that long-term objectives give way to short-term goals. There is a danger that green ambitions are lowered. I know this is a concern throughout the green industry,” he continued.

Countries such as Spain have strengthened this trepidation, discontinuing all government support for renewable energy products with hopes of lowering its deficit. Thorning-Schmidt claims this action will actually result in additional money loss.

“We will save money when we use less energy,” he explained. “And we will save money when we are less vulnerable to rising oil, coal and natural gas prices. The cost of inaction today will only increase in the future.”

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