China to Enhance Cooperation with the EU

As the EU struggles to find a solution for its devastating financial crisis, China has repeatedly expressed its desire to boost cooperation between the countries.

“China is willing to enhance cooperation with the EU and expand cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, technology and finance,” said Jiang Yu, Spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, on Thursday, after European authorities passed several measures in an effort to relieve some of the debt pressure.

Beijing welcomed the EU and said they hoped it would be “conductive to bolstering market confidence.”

Most European countries were grateful for China’s response. If the Chinese “decide to invest in the euro instead of the U.S. dollar, why refuse?” said French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Some Westerners are more suspicious of China, and question the country’s intentions. The claim is that China may try to take advantage of the EU’s crisis.

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