Bigger Toilet Seat for Obese in the UK

As the world gets more and more obese, it makes sense that certain businesses would see the opportunity to cash in on this problem. Now, the Big John toilet seat is stepping in, offering an oversized toilet seat for those who are growing and growing in Britain.

The Cost of Obesity

The seat costs £200 and advertises that it can hold a person weighing up to 60 stones. It has been a huge hit in the UK since it was imported from the States two years ago.

Gordon Ellis & Co is the company in Derby that is importing the Big John. Steven Evanson from the company explains that the seat tapped into a “latent demand” for products that help larger people.

Evanson said that,

‘We tell them, “Your bums aren’t too big – your toilet seat isn’t big enough”.’

Gratitude from Customers

As one grateful customer recounted, “My husband required a little more room and he was breaking many toilet seats a year. The Big John put an end to that.”

Research at the moment shows that almost a quarter of British people are considered obese; half are called overweight. The growing UK obesity problem is plaguing many medical establishments, as recent study published in the British Medical Journal has pointed out that hospitals aren’t equipped to deal with this issue.

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