Beyler Eyubov Sweetens up Life in London

It’s not every that peoples’ dreams come to fruition, but it is worthwhile putting a spotlight on those that do. Certainly, in order to succeed, people need to have a business plan, capital, assistance and a dream. Beyler Eyyubov, who came to London from the Middle East, had the dream of opening a sweets shop like the ones that his father and grandfather owned. He had capital saved from his hard work helping his father in their family sweet shop back at home, and he found a small but respectable location in London.

Setting up with a modest plan and a tight budget, he wanted to introduce Londoners to the sweets of his home country, while also offering some British specialties to keep them coming. Today, he offers a mix that allows him to feel that he has brought some of his homeland to London, while also pleasing those British traditionalists who want their scones and other British delicacies.

A few of his most popular items include gavurga, paklava and shakarbura. Gavurga is a wheat dish fried with raisins and nuts. It is traditionally made during the Novruz holiday, but Beyler Eyubov serves it all year round. Paklava is a diamond-shaped thinly layered pastry that is filled with nuts and sugar. Eyubov says that this is a favorite of his customers. Shakarbura is a pie of thin dough that is filled with nuts and sugar.

Anyone with a sweet tooth in London should check out Beyler Eyubov’s delicacies and appreciate the hard work that has gone into making his place a success.

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